Through the Brooklyn Glass

The girls are shaping up to be great friends. They are the first thing each other looks for when they wake up or when one comes home after being away from the other. They like to play together and Emma can make Adeline laugh like no other. My favorite thing right now is how E listens to the monitor waiting for a sign that A is awake, and when she hears it she runs in and gets into the crib! One can only hope this lasts!

Emma is showing her the world…

…And what a unique perspective it is!



About knotslaning

Organizer, Worker, Educator, Mom to two. Living and Loving in Brooklyn.
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One Response to Through the Brooklyn Glass

  1. Nana says:

    This is really sweet and the caption is catchy! It’s cute to see these two “doing” things together. Addie watches Emma closely, so I am sure she will pick up on all of Emma’s habits even the “see food” trick! LOL

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