Painting in Style

Here she is in all her painting glory (and totally ignoring me)!

This was us painting yesterday.

First, little one you must map out your painting. Think before striking.

Then, orange, yes orange is first!

Then you must kiss the paint because we must appreciate the art gods!

And finally we create magic!


About knotslaning

Organizer, Worker, Educator, Mom to two. Living and Loving in Brooklyn.
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2 Responses to Painting in Style

  1. Love, Nana says:

    Ah yes, the serious artist! I love it. And painting IS energy draining, no wonder she needed food! Ha! Even Addie turned her attention away from mom when talked to. Adeline is growing up, she’s reaching and grabbing what she wants. The table is a great move! Light, accessibility, multi-use. Thanks for sharing a piece of your day with us!

  2. Vicki Davis aka gg says:

    Those girls just bring the sunshine in! Too bad the cold didn’t get that idea:)

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